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Partner with Enjoy Property solutions to manage all the maintenance of your real estate portfolio. Getting your real estate concierge who knows both what your current properties need and what your looking for to add to your portfolio your concierge is on it because every one deserves an Alfred. 

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Buying Real Estate

The process of buying and establishing new real estate into your portfolio, whether it's a forever home, or a rental there are plenty of task's needed to get to home plate. Let your concierge be your project manager to insure a smooth process that is as smooth as possible. From Movers, to updates, all run by one person for your convenience.

Maintaining Real Estate

From standard care like lawn, pest and maid services to the upgrades you want like kitchen, landscape, and everything in-between. Your concierge is there to get any project or problem to the finish line for you. Pass the baton and take it easy with every property you own taken care of. 

Selling Real Estate

When the timing is right your concierge is there with the data and tools you need to get your properties sold at the highest profit possible for you. With all the repairs, negotiations, and marketing managed under one roof. 

Easy to track 

Your portal shows progress of all projects, with live chat always available to solve your problems and get you back to what you enjoy. 

Secure and protected

Partnered with xfinity security, and adt to offer best in class home security, and all your data is secured keeping your life your life. 

On-the-Go living

Never worry about your properties and whats happening with them while your gone. Enjoy best in class security, contractors, and partners maintaining the condition and care of your home whether your there or backpacking through Europe. 

Discounts and more

With our partnerships with local vendors, and nation wide orginazations, your concierge is able to provide all the services a home needs not only with a hands on touch but also with a the best prices and services in your area. 

Enjoy peace of mind, enjoy real estate

Ready to embark on your real estate adventure? Schedule a consultation with to match you with a concierge and build your custom property book and select the programs the are right for you.